The theme for C2 Melbourne 2017: ECOSYSTEMS

Digging deeper at the intersection of commerce and creativity

The theme we’re tackling at C2 Melbourne this year is Ecosystems – and it’s about much more than biology.

By definition, an ecosystem is a community of interconnected elements, formed by their interaction with each other and their environment, so we’re taking these cues from nature and applying this organic wisdom to the world of business.

A point of departure from which to explore interrelated elements, this theme allows us to dive deeply across industries and into the trends, shifts and possibilities that influence how we interact with each other and our planet, with an understanding that this world is now more connected than ever.
How this applies to you

As innovation becomes more and more dependent on the interplay of a vast array of skills, beliefs, styles and disciplines, companies today need to manage networks of collaborators that are highly interdependent, bridging markets and communities that are both global and local, segmented and complementary.

Leaders must learn to think creatively  in order to anticipate and capitalize on the constant changes, big and small, happening at every end of the various ecosystems  they are part of.

This is no time to work alone, which is why we’re bringing business leaders together at C2 Melbourne, Nov. 31 to Dec. 1, 2017.

Igniting ideas at  C2 Melbourne

Here are some points-of-departure from which to leap into the conference’s theme, which in turn guides the programming of our masterclasses, workshops, labs, talks, panels and out-of-the-ordinary brainstorming experiences. We believe the five following transversal tracks represent topics that are front-of-mind with creative leaders across a variety of industries and organizations.



 Leadership As connections become less linear and networks more complex, how might business leaders identify and seize the opportunities ahead?

 Impact What are the best practices for amplifying positive effects, influence, meaning and actions?

 Art and Design What can be learned from designers, architects and other creative actors who are shifting perspectives and expanding our universe?

 Technology How will big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technological game-changers advance your industry?

 Marketing and Media What is the role of brand experts, broadcasters and storytellers when it comes to finding new ways of engaging tomorrow’s consumer?


Essential reading, watching and listening to get your synapses firing

  • Check out Visual Complexity, a platform created by Google Design Lead Manuel Lima, for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks.
  • Author and Harvard Law School lecturer Heidi K. Gardner explains how firms can gain a competitive advantage by encouraging smarter collaboration across silos, in the Harvard Business Review.
  • Discover a few examples of how media, marketing and tech are converging to create new forms of immersive storytelling in The Guardian.
  • Learn more about social design, a discipline at the intersection of design and impact that is meant to transform the way we approach social problems, from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • Listen to the strange and fascinating stories behind obscure YouTube channels, Craigslist ads and viral memes on Reply All, a podcast dedicated to getting lost online, unearthing strange connections and exploring internet culture.

(C2’s episode pick:Shipped to Timbuktu.” In this episode, an email to the wrong address leads producers to discover the important role Girl Guides played in boosting the morale of detainees at a Chinese concentration camp in 1942.)

Your take on it all…
These themes will continue to evolve over the next weeks and months, destined to take on a life of their own. Along this journey, we want to hear from you: what have we missed? How would you like to see these conversations unfold? Who should we invite to meet us there?
Join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to let us know. We’re only getting started.