Making a real Impact on the world – a read/watch/listen list


Most of us want to make a difference in our communities, businesses and relationships. There’s nothing like finding that sweet spot where purpose meets passion and positive consequences are generated from our decisions and actions.

This is why at C2 Melbourne 2017, we’re looking at impact.

Impact is all about colliding together, having an effect and embracing transformation. With this topic, C2 will examine the best practices for amplifying our (ideally positive) influence in a world that is as interrelated as ever.

Creating positive change is not only the work of good samaritans, charities or the social sector. We believe every corporate and private citizen has the potential (and duty) to be positive influencers, investing themselves and their talents in the greater public interest.

This is where you come in

From solving the refugee crisis, to decarbonisation, city planning or saving the planet, humanity has many challenges ahead – and needs all the help it can get.

Leveraging your skills, networks and influence in ways that work towards positive change, we invite you to join us as we gather social entrepreneurs, serious do-gooders and mountain-moving influencers to help find big and small ways to create meaningful impact and answer some of our burning questions…

  • From the micro to the macro, what is your butterfly effect? Is there room to readjust?
  • What are the ways science and tech can be used to serve and save the environment?
  • The social enterprise sector, green investments and bonds, fintech, circular design… what’s the thinking on these rapidly growing business models and where will you get in?


Essential reading, watching and listening for impact


Your take on it all…
These themes will continue to evolve over the next weeks and months, destined to take on a life of their own. Along this journey, we want to hear from you: what have we missed? How would you like to see these conversations unfold? Who should we invite to meet us there?
Join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to let us know. We’re only getting started.
C2 Melbourne 2017 theme: Ecosystems
Every year, we choose a theme to position our discussions, direct actions and inspire our participants and partners to think about business creatively. With the 2017 theme Ecosystems, we continue conversations along five transversal tracks Leadership, Technology, Marketing & Media, Art & Design and Impact in order to better understand ourselves and the way forward, while generating new and bright ideas to  get there.