The theme for C2 Melbourne 2017: ECOSYSTEMS

A new leg of our journey at the intersection of commerce and creativity
c2melbourne theme

On November 30 and December 1, 2017, for the very first edition of the C2 Melbourne international business conference, our focus will be on Ecosystems. This new leg in our journey at the intersection of commerce and creativity will have us contemplate the complex networks and interconnected systems we are part of, in continuity with the reflexions initiated a few months earlier at C2 Montréal 2017, May 24–26.

History has shown that important breakthroughs can come from the most unexpected sources. As innovation is increasingly dependent on the fusion of a vast range of skills, beliefs and disciplines, the most creative solutions are the result of the most extreme collisions of ideas as well as the ability to break down barriers between silos. Today, companies need to manage ecosystems of collaborators that are highly complex and interdependent, bridging markets and communities that are both global and local, segmented and complementary.

Together, we will continue this in-depth exploration of the trends and transformations that are having a growing impact on business and on our hyperconnected world, and forge new answers to this fundamental question:

How can business and thought leaders identify and seize the opportunities ahead?

Embracing blurred lines to make new connections

The conference programming will enable us to understand the blurring of lines that used to define traditional industries, as well as help us navigate the ever-evolving relationships that connect us all. At C2 Melbourne 2017, through hands-on sessions with peers and inspiring discussions with top leaders and innovators, we will be exploring various ecosystems within and among the following transversal tracks, which we consider to be relevant across all industries:

Cultivating innovation
Embracing creativity and empowering teams to realize bold visions for a prosperous and inclusive future.

Engines of change
Big data, AI, Hyperloop and other game-changing technologies and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Stories and truths
Innovative brand experts, broadcasters, retailers, storytellers and robots exploring new ways of reaching and engaging tomorrow’s consumer.

Making sense of the world
Taking inspiration from artists, designers and architects who dedicate their lives to shifting perspectives and expanding our universe.

Multiplying our positive effect

Rising to the challenge and seizing the opportunity, as leaders, to bring about real change.

The intersection of these tracks will make for deep-dives into mark-tech, impact philanthropy, VR and more.

A programming approach based on a series of daily building blocks

We never shy away from shining a spotlight on evocative and provocative minds to get a good dose of inspiration. To make the most of their appearance on stage, we’re designing a new approach to programming based on a series of daily blocks:

  • The Inspiration series
    Within a specific track, we present cutting-edge projects and ideas that all leaders should be aware of, no matter their industry.
  • The Experts series
    We dig deeper within one particular track.
  • The Intersections series
    We curate collisions among tracks, sectors, ideas and points of view.
  • The Big Deal series
    We invite innovators renowned the world over take the stage to share what they have learned on their journey.

Getting out of our comfort zones

A lot will happen all across the C2 village over the course of the two days. Expect dozens of hands-on sessions, workshops, masterclasses and labs, thousands of braindates and surprises at every corner. In this creative environment designed to get us out of our comfort zones, thousands of leaders from all corners of industry will be convening to inspire each other to find new solutions to real business and social challenges.

We hope you will join us.